Orangeburg Pecan Company is a family owned corporation founded in 1939 in Orangeburg, S.C. by Marion H. Felder. Mr. Felder had been in the fresh fruit and produce business for many years operating one of the largest produce growing farms in South Carolina.

Mr. Felder bought and sold in-shell pecans during the Fall Harvest season. When the first commercial quality pecan crackers were invented he was amazed and intrigued. He bought two of these new machines and in the fall of 1939 began cracking and shelling pecans. People liked being able to buy pecan nutmeats free of shell. This was the beginning of Orangeburg Pecan Company and the beginning of the pecan shelling industry.

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The company shells pecans purchased from local growers both small and large. When necessary, pecans are trucked in from Georgia, Alabama, and other pecan producing states. We have dealt with many of the growers through the years and continue to buy from the same orchards year after year.

More machinery was added at the Orangeburg Pecan Company each year until in the late 40’s, after World War II, a larger plant was needed. Mr. Felder’s son, Fred Felder, Sr., designed and built the new plant. It was fitted with all the latest equipment. Additions and improvements have been constant thru the years. In the 60’s the Company built it’s own cold storage freezers to keep the pecans fresh through the hot South Carolina summers. Electronic color sorting machines were added. These machines reject any shell fragments or undesirable pieces. Newer computer controlled sorting equipment replaced the older units. In the early 80′ s, Freddy Felder, grandson of Company founder and new Company President, decided it was time to renovate the plant to incorporate the new air controlled cracker technology. Although the Company continues to utilize the latest in technology, we still hand pick and visually inspect (several times) all pecans that we produce.

When you use Orangeburg pecans you can be assured that three generations of family experience go into supplying you with quality pecans at a reasonable price. Buy Pecans Today!!!

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  1. I wish I could post a photo of the bag. I have the honey roasted pecans and I didn’t even leave any crumbs!! My first order and most definitely will not be my last

  2. Best in the world. My grandfather sold pecans at his store The White House Grocery in Charleston, SC.
    All true Southerners love them. Good nuts. The ones you eat and the ones who help you along the way.

  3. God Bless you all we love your pecans and have bought them for years.
    My brother lives in Orangeburg South Carolina and brings us some for Christmas in the mountains.
    Thanks Again for being a great company and having an A+ team!!!

  4. Their pecans are awesome!!! We order the honey roasted, chocolate covered, milk chocolate and cinnamon pecans regularly. Thank You Orangeburg Pecan Company for offering the fastest pecan shipping in the pecan industry.

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