We’re selling nuts to make your fundraiser a big success!

Orangeburg Pecan Company was one of the first commercial pecan shellers in South Carolina. Over the years, some of our best customers have been organizations, groups who order our fresh-shelled pecans to help them raise funds for any number of worthy projects. Year after year, these special customers know they can sell our pecans to nut lovers all around their community.

What kind of groups raise money by selling delicious Orangeburg pecans?
  •     School classes
  •     School bands and other activity groups
  •     VFA’s
  •     FFA chapters
  •     Scout troops
  •     Civic organizations
  •     Church groups
  •     Garden clubs
  •     Non-profit and charitable organizations
  •     Fraternal and social groups
  •     Even individuals!

We make it easy for you to make money with pecans!

Orangeburg Pecans are picked at the height of maturity (between October 20 and November 10) depending on nature’s ripening time. During the peak of harvest, when taste and aroma are at their fullest, we shell and cull our golden beauties into the finest quality “mammoth halves“. Then we pack them in sturdy one-pound Resealable Zip-Lock bags with big see-through windows that tell your customers at a glance these are big tasty pecans!

Pecans travel easy and store easy!

We ship our pecans in cases of 24 one-pound bags, so before you order you need to make an estimate of how many bags you think your group can sell. One advantage of selling pecans over other food items, such as perishable fruit, is that you never have to worry about spoilage. Pecans are easy to store, even for as long as two years! Pecans travel well too, so you needn’t be concerned about bruised or broken product when it arrives.

Pecans are at home in many foods.

Everybody seems to love pecans! Not only do they have a rich nutty taste, but they’re versatile in the kitchen. Pecans can be tossed into salads and sprinkled over desserts, baked into cakes or toasted for party snacks. Most folks we know like to eat them right out of the bag too!


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