The pecans (in shell) arrive at our plant either in burlap bags or in wooden tote bins. Upon arrival a decision is made as to whether they go to the shelling plant or to the freezer as we are both shelling and storing pecans from November to March. When the pecans get out of season we then go to the cold storage to get pecans for the shelling plant. The shelled pecans are put in a freezer and held until shipment.

Pecans are highly perishable (especially in hot weather) and if not kept under proper refrigeration will spoil rapidly. Our suggestion to the customer is to keep them in a freezer or cooler from late Spring until the Fall. During the Fall and Winter this is not a problem because the weather is cool enough to hold the product as is.

Shelled pecans can be frozen, thawed out. and frozen again. This does not hurt the quality. Thus a truckline shipment from Orangeburg to New York would not have to go on a refrigerated truck, hut should be placed on cold storage upon arrival.