Bulk shipments are made primarily in 30 lb. boxes- Toasted pecans for the ice cream trade are also packed in 30 lb. boxes.

We also pack a 60 lb. master carton which contains 12/5 lb. cartons. This carton is also described as Bulk Shipment and is primarily used for the institutional trade or for any buyer who wants a smaller pack.


The demand for shelled pecans in cellophane bags increases each year. We have recently installed additional packaging machinery so shipments can he made promptly.

The 1 lb. and 1/2 lb. seem to he the most popular packs; however, due to the special pricing of some supermarkets we have added a 12 oz. pack.

We usually wait until we have a firm order before packing cellophane. This enables us to pack fresh pecans for the customer

1 lb. Cello Bags

Packed 1 dozen per case

12 oz. Cello Bags

Packed 2 dozen per case

1/2 lb. Cello Bags

Packed 2 dozen per case