Our sales come from selling shelled pecans through food brokers; although a few long-established house accounts are maintained. Approximately 70% of our product goes to the baking industry. The remaining 30% is divided between ice cream manufacturers, candy manufacturers, nut salters, and cellophane sales for the supermarket trade.

The new crop arrives November 1; which is also during the period of great seasonal demand. Due to the great demand for pecans at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are unable to harvest the crop fast enough to meet the demand regardless of crop size. However, during December we begin to catch up with the demand, and our inventories become established and we are in a position to contract.

Samples are readily available; however, it is a general practice to send each broker a complete set of samples around November 1. Remember, samples are perishable and we use Fresh Samples.

New Customers —- For credit information we are guided by Dun and Bradstreet until credit is established.

Orders for new crop —— A new crop price list is issued around October 15 however most brokers send in orders earlier. These orders are marked S.A.P. (Subject Approval of Price) because new crop is shipped on a First Come First Served basis. All the S.A.P. customers will he notified as to the price before shipment is made and they have a choice to ship or cancel.

Freight cost — All shipments are F.O.B. from Orangeburg, S.C. Delivered prices are available upon request.